Individuals with teeth that are not straight and aligned might face a number of issues. Some of them are self-conscious about their appearance. Others may face challenges with ensuring that they perform basic oral hygiene such as flossing and removing all plaque from their teeth. The options for teeth straightening are clear aligners or metal braces.

There are several reasons why individuals may not want braces. Older individuals may feel as though it makes them appear babyish, or they might abhor the thought of metal braces in their mouths. Clear aligners deliver the same results that individuals can expect from braces, and sometimes the orthodontic treatment time is shorter. Alignments also offer health benefits. The following points highlight a few that can be expected.

Reduce or Eliminate Jaw Pain

Some individuals have jawbone issues that can cause them to have jaw pain. It is commonly associated with a condition referred to as TMJ. The issue is triggered by bite issues. Individuals with an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or open bite could all benefit from clear aligners. A dental professional can perform an examination to determine the severity of the bite issue and whether braces or aligners are the best corrective option.

Reduced Risk of Decay

Some individuals who get braces end up with tooth decay due to difficulties or lax methods of cleaning between their teeth. Some teens may have this issue. It is also possible for the structure of someone's teeth before orthodontic treatment to be positioned in a manner that makes it difficult to clean. After orthodontic treatment, these challenges will be reduced. Clear aligners reduce the risk of tooth decay because they straighten teeth and eliminate crowding. 

Healthier Gums

Gum disease and gingivitis are serious oral issues for individuals who have crooked teeth. They may have difficulties removing all of the plaque from their tooth surfaces. This is also complicated by difficulties cleaning in between crooked teeth. The left-behind plaque will inevitably harden. That is usually near the gums. This can lead to inflammation and negatively impact gum health. Gum disease can lead to many health issues such as cardiovascular issues, and it can also cause premature tooth loss. 

A dentist or orthodontist are good resources to use for questions about clear aligners. Some of these dental professionals are Invisalign providers. They can explain the differences between the orthodontic options. This can ensure that individuals make the best choice for their individual preferences and expectations.