When it comes to dentistry, there are many types of dentists. However, in many cases, you and your family will be heading to a general dentist for care. General dentistry is essential for healthy teeth and gums. This type of dentistry is concerned with maintaining oral health and providing preventative care, among other services. There are a few things to know about general dentistry and its importance to your health. 

What Procedures Are Offered

The first thing to know about general dentistry is what procedures it usually includes. This type of dentistry involves a wide array of services and procedures. General dental care often focuses on preventative dentistry, which involves regular dental exams and cleanings. If you need restorative work, such as root canals, fillings, or crowns, a general dentist will offer this type of care. Many general dentists offer cosmetic dental work, like teeth whitening and veneers. Your dentist will refer you to a specialist if you need more advanced care. 

Who Can See A General Dentist

Another thing to consider about general dentistry is who can see a general dentist. The answer is people of all ages can visit this type of dentist. Dentists specializing in general dentistry often see people of all ages, from very young to the elderly. While general dentists can handle the majority of your dental care needs, there are times when you will need to go to a specialist. For example, if braces are required, you'll need an orthodontist. Also, many types of oral surgeries are handled by oral surgeons. However, a dentist specializing in general dentistry is your best bet for your general dental needs.

How Much It Costs

How much a visit to a general dentist costs depends on whether you have dental insurance and what procedures are necessary. If you have insurance, preventative care like cleanings is often covered completely or low cost. However, even with dental insurance, restorative procedures will cost more. Depending on what you need, your bill from the dentist can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand

General dentistry is something you should be familiar with. After all, you probably go to a general dentist for your routine dental care. There are a few things to know about general dental care. First, knowing what types of procedures are offered is vital. Second, people of all ages can see a general dentist. Finally, the cost of general dentistry varies depending on the care needed and whether you have insurance. For more information on general dentistry, contact a professional near you.