Are you not happy with the color of your teeth, and you are looking at the various methods to whiten them? If so, you'll definitely want to learn more about professional teeth whitening that is performed by a dentist. Here are a few reasons why it's a great choice.  

Professional Whitening Works Quickly

One of the main benefits that people like when having professional teeth whitening is how quickly it works. A dentist is able to perform the procedure in their office, and you'll be walking out with whiter teeth that same day. 

The reason that professional teeth whitening works quickly is due to the materials and equipment that your dentist uses. If you've ever used home whitening strips, you are well aware of how slow it takes to see results. This is because those home whitening strips use peroxide that is very weak so that it is safe for anybody to use. When you have professional whitening done under the care of a dentist, they are allowed to use stronger peroxide that produces fast results. 

In addition, your dentist uses a LED light that helps the peroxide break down quickly. This is the type of equipment you do not have at home, and you can only use it by going to a dentist.

Professional Whitening Doesn't Alter The Teeth

An alternative to professional whitening is to use dental veneers to give your teeth a new shade of white. Unfortunately, this cosmetic dentistry technique involves altering the surface of the tooth. Your dentist needs to shave off a thin layer of enamel to rough up the surface of the tooth and attach the porcelain veneer to the visible surface of your teeth. This means that when the porcelain veneers become damaged, you eventually have to replace them because of the exposed surface underneath them that was necessary for the application process.

Professional whitening is not going to alter the tooth at all. It allows you to focus just on the color of the teeth, which is what many people are looking to have done. While veneers are useful when making other corrections, such as closing gaps between teeth, veneers are not necessary for whiter teeth if you already had braces to straighten your teeth out.

That said, professional whitening is not going to be a permanent procedure, and your teeth can become discolored again over time. But you can feel more at ease knowing that your teeth are still healthy and do not need maintenance down the road if you don't want it. 

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