Orthodontic treatment can cure dental pain caused by poor tooth alignment. It can also improve the appearance of a person's smile. Many people choose clear aligners for their dental treatment because they appreciate the non-invasive nature of Invisalign. The discreet look of clear aligners is great for adults and teenagers who prefer not to call attention to their teeth. Here are three great features of clear aligners.

1. You can avoid messy dental impressions.

Invisalign treatment is performed using clear retainers that are tight enough to gently and gradually shift your teeth. As the shape of each successive retainer changes, your teeth will be moved more and more, until the desired correction has been achieved.

Before your treatment can begin, your dentist must take a picture of your teeth. Orthodontists used to use alginate to make dental impressions, but your clear aligners will be created using the information gathered from a 3D image. A 3D camera will be used to take an accurate picture of your teeth from every angle, which will ensure a good fit.

2. You will see fast results.

Invisalign braces can give patients fast results. Clear aligners are just as effective as traditional braces, and they can do anything that braces can do. Some of your clear aligners may be crafted with small nubs made to hold rubber bands. This feature will allow your dentist to treat bite alignment issues, correcting overbites or underbites. Patients with minor orthodontic issues can see improvement in six months, while others may need 18 months or more.

3. Your dentist will ensure that your treatment stays on track.

The Invisalign treatment is tailored for each patient. The set of clear aligners crafted for you should move your teeth into their new, desired positions on schedule. However, you will still see your dentist before each successive stage of treatment. Your dentist will take this time to examine your teeth in order to check on your progress. This is a good time to bring up any issues you've had or concerns that have come up.

If you haven't been wearing your aligners as often as you should, your dentist will remind you of the importance of patient compliance. Your dentist may delay the progression to a new set of aligners if they feel you're not yet ready. All this is done to ensure that you have a safe, comfortable, and productive orthodontic experience. Reach out to a dentist for more information on Invisalign