For many people, a root is one of the most feared dental treatments. Unfortunately, root canal treatment has gained this notoriety without good reason. The following points are some of the reasons why you should not fear a root canal too much.

It Is Not That Painful

One of the reasons many people fear root canal treatments is because they believe the procedure to be extremely painful. Sure, root canal treatment is an invasive oral procedure that does involve some level of discomfort or pain, but this is equally true of other dental or medical treatments. Besides, many of those who have undergone the procedure say it is no more painful than other dental procedures.

You Can Manage The Pain

If pain is your major concern with root canal treatment, then you will be glad to know that there are ways of managing the pain. For one, the procedure is done under local anesthesia, so it's possible you will feel nothing more than a sore mouth. Secondly, the dentist may give you some pain killers to use after the treatment to deal with the tissue soreness or post-surgical pain. Besides, dentists know that people fear root canals so your dentist will do everything possible to make you comfortable during the operation.

It Will Relieve The Pain

A root canal treatment may be a hassle, but it will help you deal with your dental pain. You are likely to seek root canal treatment if your tooth is infected and swollen. The root canal treatment will get rid of the infection and seal your tooth. In most cases, pain relief may even be immediate. You cannot have the same expectations if you forgo the treatment; tooth infections rarely get better by themselves.

It Saves Your Tooth

Although there are various tooth replacement treatments, such as dental implants and bridges, none of them come close to the natural thing in terms of durability and versatility. Most of the tooth infections that require root canal treatments are those that can lead to teeth loss without intervention. Thus, a root canal gives you the opportunity to save your natural tooth. Don't forget that root canal treatments are successful over 95% of the time.

Therefore, if your dentist has suggested root canal treatment, don't hesitate but get the treatment as soon as possible. If you still harbor some fear, talk to the dentist for further help on managing your fear instead of postponing the treatment.