Did you suddenly get a toothache and you're not sure why? If so, you may want to schedule an appointment with your dentist so they can tell you if it is a reason to be concerned. Until you can get to your appointment, it will help to try some home remedies to see if you can relieve the pain. Here are four all natural remedies for those people that don't want to go straight to using drugs.

Salt and Pepper

The basic salt and pepper seasonings can be used for more than flavoring food. You can actually use this combination to relieve discomfort that comes with your toothache. What you want to do is mix the two ingredients together with some water so that you can make a paste. Then try putting it directly on the tooth and gums of that area that is infected. It may provide immediate pain relief, and if it works, feel free to apply the paste again as necessary.

Cayenne Pepper

The very hot spice of cayenne pepper can actually be used for relieving pain, even if too much of it can feel quite painful to eat. That is because cayenne pepper has anti-inflammatory properties that your nerve react very strongly to. Try rubbing some cayenne pepper directly onto your tooth and gums and see if that helps relieve the pain.

Saltwater Rinse

Sometimes the best home remedy is a simple saltwater rinse. That's because salt has natural properties that help disinfect and kill off bacteria that has caused a tooth to become infected. A saltwater rinse also helps reduce inflammation of the soft tissues in your mouth. Swishing with some salt water may be enough to relieve pain, and you can do it as much as you want without causing any harm to your mouth.

The trick to making a saltwater rinse at home is to add a single tablespoon of table salt to a cup filled with warm water. Mix the two ingredients together until the salt has completely dissolved, then it is ready to use immediately.

Black Tea

Black tea has tannic acid in it that helps pull out infected liquid in your mouth, which can reduce swelling that is causing pain. Simply place a tea bag directly to the affected area and leave it there for a while. You will be surprised at how well this ordinary item can work at helping relieve your toothache.

While these remedies will provide temporary relief, you should still schedule a visit with a dental clinic, such as Wallington Dental, as soon as possible to permanently fix the problem.