Dental implants are an excellent and mostly permanent way of perfecting your smile. However, there are cheaper implants that may not last as long as the more costly implants. Other issues have been known to occur with cheaper implants too. If you want to help your dental implants last longer and continue to look their best, here are some ways you can do that.

Go Porcelain!

Dental porcelain is tough. It is very durable, which is important to anyone who does not want to replace implant crowns for a very long time. It is also the best option for anyone who suffers from bruxism, which is the bad habit of grinding one's teeth in his/her sleep but may also be the conscious choice to grind one's teeth. Porcelain is the most expensive option and material, but it is also the longest lasting material for your implants.

Reseal and Refinish the Implants Regularly

Porcelain needs to be sealed and finished so that it looks like natural, shiny, slick teeth. After about six months to a year, the finish wears down just a little. If you let this go, the implants may begin to discolor slightly, like real teeth. If you do not mind that, you can let it go. However, most people want a perfectly white smile because that is what you pay for when you purchase implants. Schedule a visit with your cosmetic dentist sometime within the first year to check the sealant/finish on the porcelain implants. If your dentist feels that it has worn down some, you can have the dentist reseal and "refinish" the surfaces of the implants in order to restore their whiteness and keep them sufficiently white.


Over time, implants will wear unevenly. This is due to your natural bite. However, it may feel uncomfortable and/or look not quite right. Your cosmetic dentist can shape the implants that are slightly "long" or slightly chipped so that the implants look better.

Avoid Using Your Implant Teeth for Anything Other Than Talking and Chewing

Some people make the assumption that because implants of this caliber are so strong, you can do things with them that you would not typically do with natural teeth. That includes using your implant teeth for bottle openers and vice grips on lids. DO NOT do that! Yes, your implants are strong and durable, but only as replacement teeth--not as kitchen drawer or toolbox tools!