After the investment and time you spend having veneers installed, you may start flashing your new smile everywhere you go. Over time, they may feel natural inside your mouth and their newness will wear off. That's when there's a risk that you'll make mistakes that will affect the veneers and necessitate further procedures or replacement altogether. What could these mistakes be?

1-Negligence of Oral Care

If you get too busy to floss or skip brushing here and there, you might have concern about tooth decay in your natural teeth. However, you may not be concerned at all about the veneers since they're porcelain. However, it's worth noting that the gums and portions of your teeth not covered by veneers can begin having problems that affect the veneers. Bacteria growing along the gum line can lead to decay of those tissues which might require removal of the veneers to rectify the issue. Therefore, remain as serious about good dental care as you ever were, perhaps more.

2-Drinking Stain-Causing Drinks

Because veneers are so bright and aren't natural teeth, drinking soda, red wine or coffee might not bother you. You might think that the porcelain material on the veneer surfaces won't stain. That's not quite true. Veneers may not stain as much as natural teeth but prolonged consumption of drinks known to stain will indeed affect them. They can turn a shade of yellow or seem duller than before. To avoid this, straws should be used at every opportunity; they'll ensure that the drink makes its way from the bottle or cup to the back of your throat without involvement of teeth or veneers.

3-Crushing Hard Items

The longer you have veneers, the more comfortable you'll feel eating your old favorites. If you love to crush ice with your teeth or bite down on hard gum balls, however, you need to be careful. Such actions could split a veneer, causing you to require more dental work. Porcelain is strong, but can still crack or break.

4-Skipping Dental Visits

With veneers, your smile may be the most beautiful and brightest it's ever been. You could find yourself skipping the dentist instead of scheduling checkup appointments. Know that your dentist should be able to look at the veneers to assess whether any damage is occurring around or beneath them. It's possible that without these checkups, your veneers won't get the professional attention necessary for long-term wear.

These mistakes don't have to ruin your veneer experience. Utilize information above and the guidance your cosmetic dentist provides; your smile should remain dazzling for years. Contact a clinic, like Dental Implant & Cosmetic, PC, for more help.