If your child's teeth are looking a bit on the yellow side, you may find yourself wondering if you should take any action to help whiten them. Here is what you need to know about children and teeth whitening.

Should You Worry About Yellow Teeth in Children? 

If your child is starting to develop a yellow tint to their teeth, you should be a bit concerned. The most common reason why a child may have yellow teeth is poor dental hygiene. If your child's teeth are beginning to yellow, the first thing you will want to do is ensure that they are properly brushing and flossing their teeth. Using mouthwash can also help to remove plaque they may be missing. Additionally, yellowing can lead to permanent stains. As such, if your child is properly caring for their teeth, you will want to discuss the yellowing with their dentist to find out why their teeth are yellowing. 

Can You Use At Home Whiteners on Your Child's Yellow Teeth? 

If your child's teeth are beginning to yellow due to the foods or drinks they are consuming, you may be thinking about using at home whiteners to remove stains and brighten their teeth. However, this is not recommended. If your child's teeth are yellow, consider using a toothpaste with baking soda to slowly diminish some of the yellow color. Using whitening strips or gels that use bleaches can harm the developing pulp of your child's teeth and can be painful to their sensitive gums. 

Can a Dentist Whiten a Child's Teeth? 

A dentist can whiten your child's teeth, if that is needed. Typically, this is only done if there is severe staining and when it is done, the amount of bleach used in the whitening cream is reduced to minimize damage to your child's enamel. It is not recommended that a dentist whiten the teeth repeatedly or for minor flaws and stains. However, there are many criteria that must be met in order for a dentist to whiten a child's teeth. First, the child cannot have any teeth coming in, as the whitening process can be painful on erupting gums. Second, the teeth should be adult teeth, not baby teeth that will fall out. And lastly, your child needs to have all cavities filled before teeth whitening can be done. 

As a parent, you always want what is best for your child. As such, if their teeth are beginning to yellow, you may want to whiten their teeth to ensure they have a bright, white smile that they are not ashamed to show. Preventative measures, such as ensuring your child's teeth are properly cared for and brushed and avoiding foods that can stain teeth, is recommended if the teeth are beginning to yellow. But if there is severe staining, teeth whitening can be done to help your child have a whiter, brighter smile.