If you have one or more missing adult teeth, a cosmetic dentist can talk you through a few options for restoring the appearance of your smile and the function of your teeth. Dental implants are among the most common options for replacing lost teeth. In recent years, mini dental implants have begun to increase in popularity. 

Understanding the Difference

So, what exactly is the difference between a traditional dental implant and a mini dental implant? For starters, traditional dental implant posts are much longer and thicker than mini dental implant abutements. A mini implant has a socket with a rubber O-ring attached to the end, which allows for a faster healing time and fewer complications. The procedure itself is also simpler since there is no need for flap surgery or other complex procedures.

Furthermore, because there isn't the standard wait time needed between setting the implant post and attaching the artificial tooth, patients with mini dental implants can enjoy a fully restored smile in as little as one office visit and have less recovery time afterward.

What to Expect

You'll need to start with a consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist who has specific experience with mini dental implants. He or she will evaluate the health and density of the jaw bone to determine whether you're a viable candidate for this type of implant. If so, then you will be scheduled for the procedure.

Most mini dental implant procedures are done under local anesthetic and take about an hour to complete, depending on the complexity and the number of implants needed.

Aftercare Dos and Don'ts

More than likely, your dentist will want to see you for several follow-up visits to ensure your new mini dental implants are healing properly and that there are no signs of infection. There are also some basic aftercare steps you should follow to clean and protect the implants, such as using a soft-bristle tooth brush and flossing around the implant daily. Be sure to get the green light from your dentist before you begin flossing the area, however, as there may be inflammation that needs time to heal.

Overall, mini dental implants can be a great option for many people with missing adult teeth. If you're interested in this cosmetic procedure, you may want to get started by finding a dentist in your area who can schedule a consultation with you in the near future.

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