If your child thinks of dental care as a chore then the chances are greater that they are going to give  you a bit of a fight when it comes to taking care of their teeth. Instead of arguing, make things fun so you see a whole different attitude at teeth brushing time. The tips in this article will help you to teach your little one that taking care of their teeth can be a blast.

Let them choose their own dental care products

Children love to take on added responsibility that makes them feel like they are doing 'adult' things. You can use this to your advantage. Give your child some money in the store and allow them to choose their own tooth care products with very little guidance from you. They can choose the tooth brush that has their favorite character on it. They can also choose a tooth paste that is in a flavor that they like, such as grape or bubble gum flavor.

Play their favorite song while they are brushing their teeth

Your child should brush their teeth for about the length of a regular song. You can bring a battery operated radio into the bathroom and play their favorite song while they brush their teeth so they know how long to continue. Plus, they will have a great time rocking out to the music and even forget that they are actually taking care of their teeth. It's important to remember not to use a corded radio just in case it should accidentally get wet or fall into the sink which could be very dangerous.

Make dental care time a funny and interesting facts story time

If music isn't your child's thing then you can instead make tooth brushing time a funny and interesting facts about teeth story time. During this time you can go in the bathroom with your child and tell them funny and interesting things about teeth. This will make it an entertaining time and it will educate them during the tooth brushing session. One example of some of the funny facts you can tell would be explaining that tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. You can also explain that one third of your tooth is under your gum and not visible or that Americans buy 14 million gallons of tooth paste each year. You can learn all the facts and funny anecdotes you need online.

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