Many people suffer from sensitivity of the teeth and gums. This is often felt as a shooting jolt-like sensation or a dull pain. These feelings are a result of the loss of enamel on the surfaces of the teeth, exposing nerve endings in the layer beneath it. There are several steps you can take in an attempt to avoid having sensitivity settle into your teeth. Consider the following ideas below. 

Brush Your Teeth Differently Each Night

Instead of brushing your teeth using the same motion each day and night, such as in an up and down or a back to forth manner, switch the way you brush often. Brush your teeth using a circular motion one time and a side to side the next. Start on the left side of your mouth one time and the right another. If your brush using the same strokes day after day and night after night, enamel will wear away from the teeth faster, leading to the possibility of sensitivity problems.

Avoid Using Whitening Products

Many people use whitening products on their teeth to try to remove surface stains. If you use a commercial whitening agent, you put your enamel at risk for being worn quickly from the surfaces of your teeth. This would cause the layer underneath to be exposed, often making teeth appear to have a yellowish tinge. Instead of using a baking soda mixture or an over the counter whitening product to improve the appearance of your teeth, avoiding staining foods and drinks and seeing a dentist for safe bleaching sessions is a better alternative.

See Your Dentist Regularly

It is extremely important to see a dentist regularly to ensure your teeth are not suffering from underlying problems you are unaware about. At the time of a tooth cleaning and evaluation appointment, your dentist will take a look at the condition of the enamel on your teeth to ensure it is not wearing away prematurely. If there appears to be portions where the enamel is no longer intact, your dentist may recommend placing a composite filling over the area to help keep sensitivity from becoming an issue. They will also be able to prescribe you a toothpaste or mouthwash that will minimize the amount of sensation you would feel if sensitivity were to start becoming a problem within your mouth.

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