When you have suffered the embarrassing problem of losing one of your teeth, there are treatments that can be used to restore the quality of your smile. Yet, patients will often struggle to make sound choices for addressing this problem when they don't know about the various treatments that are available. Once you have the following dental implant questions addressed, making the right choice for your restorative dental needs will be an easier task.

Why Would You Pay The Extra Money For A Dental Implant?

A dental implant will usually cost considerably more than other restorative dental procedures. However, this additional expense may be more than worth it as dental implants will provide you with important advantages when compared to dental bridges and dentures. These benefits stem from the fact that the dental implant will be installed in the jaw bone just below where the missing tooth was located. As a result of this fact, the implant will be far more stable and durable than bridges or dentures. Furthermore, the implant will provide support to the jaw, which will help to prevent it from atrophying and causing other teeth to become loose or fall out.

What Are The Requirements To Have A Dental Implant Installed?

In order to receive a dental implant, your mouth will need to be in a fairly healthy condition. More precisely, you will need to be free of gum disease. This disease will interfere with the healing process, which may result in the implant failing to bond. Additionally, the bacteria from the gum disease could get into the surgical site where it could cause a serious infection. As a result, patients that are suffering from severe gum disease will need to have this condition treated prior to undergoing the implant procedure.

How Much Work Is Involved With Keeping Your Implant In Good Condition?

Before you decide to commit to a dental implant, you may be curious about the maintenance needs that are required. Luckily, your new implant will be remarkably low-maintenance. In fact, you will only need to have the implant professionally cleaned and serviced when you undergo your annual dental checkup. As a result, you can confidently choose this type tooth replacement without having to worry about it needing extensive and expensive care to maintain it.

A dental implant can be the ideal solution for many people that are needing to replace a missing tooth. Once you understand the benefits of choosing this type of procedure, the need to have healthy gums, and the type of care that these devices will require, you should be much better prepared to have this dental problem corrected. For additional reading, contact local professionals.