Damaging a tooth can happen to anyone, and when it does, you'll have to take care of it immediately. It could be something as simple as a filling that came out or as big as a tooth that has cracked in half. Thankfully, there are options for fixing a tooth that has become damaged. These tips should help you get through it.

Get Out Your Emergency Dental Kit

Sometimes your tooth will become damaged at a time when your dentist is closed or they are too busy to see you. That's why it helps to have an emergency dental kit on hand. They are sold at local drug stores and have all the essentials you need to get through your dental emergency. Keep in mind that the fix they provide is only temporary, and you'll still need to visit a dentist soon.

If your dental crown fell off, the kit should have tools to put it back in place. You can use a dental adhesive that will hold the crown on the tooth until your dentist can secure it back with more permanent measures. Do not make the mistake of using other traditional glues that may be in your home.

If a filling came out, there are items to fix that as well. Look for a filling material that can be tightly packed into the area where the filling once was. The goal will be to prevent bacteria from getting inside the area, preventing more damage from occurring.

Consider Dental Bonding For A Cracked Tooth

More serious issues, such as a tooth that cracked, cannot really be treated with an emergency kit. You'll need to visit an emergency dentist that can repair the tooth for you. A common procedure used to fix a chipped or cracked tooth is dental bonding. It involves placing a compound on the tooth that matches the existing color of your teeth, which helps hold it all together. This procedure may even be used if a filling fell out along with a small part of the tooth.

The bonding compound is applied to your tooth's enamel and used to help fill in spaces where the tooth has gone missing. Before this bonding compound can dry, the material is shaped to match the tooth that was once there.

By visiting an emergency dentist ASAP, you can get your tooth fixed with dental bonding to prevent the damage from becoming much worse. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like http://www.thefamilydentist-lakeland.com