When you are able to convince your child to take good care of their teeth, you can help them avoid cavities and other dental problems. Good oral habits are habits that will help your child throughout their entire life. You can use the tooth fairy to help your child look forward to keeping their teeth in good condition. Learn about some fun ways you can present the tooth fairy to your little one in this article. These ideas may even become traditions your child passes on to their own children.

Leave a trail of glitter

Have your child leave their tooth under their pillow when they lose one. When they are sleeping, you can go in their room, take the tooth and replace it with a reward, such as money or another small gift that fits under their pillow. You can even go a step beyond and leave a trail of glitter from the window sill to their bed. When they wake up in the morning, they will have a fun time tracing the tooth fairy's trail. For even more fun, take your finger and put little footprints in the glitter on the window sill.

Take it outside

You can have your child put their tooth in a small bag with a little draw string. Go outside with them and hang the bag from a tree outside. In the morning, they won't be able to wait to get their shoes on and go back to the tree for the sac. When they open it, the tooth will be gone and a surprise will be in its place.

Make a necklace

When your child leaves their tooth under their pillow, you can surprise them by quickly turning it into a necklace they will think the fairy constructed for them. To do this, you will need a clear plastic bubble bead, a glue gun and a piece of yarn. Take the tooth and put it in the plastic bead. Use the glue gun to seal the top of the bead and to glue the yarn to the bead. Hang the necklace where your child will see it when they wake up.

These unique tooth fairy ideas will create fun memories for both you and your child. Explain to them the tooth fairy only wants teeth in good condition. This should help get your child more interested in taking good care of their teeth.

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