It is no secret that getting your wisdom teeth out can leave you in quite a bit of pain, so it is important to do everything and anything that you can do to reduce the pain and make yourself feel more comfortable. This will help you rest and heal, so that you can make a quick recovery. This article will describe 3 tips for feeling as comfortable as possible after getting your wisdom teeth removal surgery. 

Use A Lot Of Gauze

Since you will likely have a lot of blood coming out the areas, or pockets, of your mouth where your wisdom teeth were removed, it is important to contain this blood flow as much as you possibly can. In order to do this, you will need to place gauze over the area where your wisdom teeth were. At first this gauze will fill with blood very quickly, so you will need to replace it often. The gauze will not only do a great job of stopping blood from filling your mouth, but it will also help you from getting sick because you won't be swallowing blood or constantly tasting blood. 

Take Your Prescribed Pain Medicine

Your dentist will likely prescribe you some medicine to help deal with the pain that you will feel in your mouth. It is important that you take this medicine when you feel in pain because it will help you to get through your recovery in the most enjoyable way possible. The medicine will help to relieve the pain enough to allow you to rest. It will also reduce the pain in your mouth which will allow you to eat foods without extreme discomfort. Your dentist may also prescribe you some anti nausea pills because the pain pills and/or the blood in your mouth and stomach may make your feel nausea, and it is important to take these as well. 

Eat Foods That Are Both Soft And Enjoyable

When you first get your wisdom teeth out, you are only going to be able to eat soft foods. So, to make this as enjoyable as possible for you, pick out some of your favorite soft foods and desserts that you normally don't let yourself eat. Get the macaroni and cheese with the extra cheese, and go ahead and order your favorite creamy soup. As far as desserts go, get the full fat ice cream with the cookie dough pieces, as well as the milkshakes, the pudding, and the chocolate milk that you love.