If there's one thing that everyone hears since they're a little child, it's "brush your teeth every day." People know the importance of oral health, but there's actually sill a lot of misinformation out there. It's easy to make a mistake when taking care of your teeth, and here's a look at some of the most common ones. Since mistakes like "not brushing and flossing" and "eating lots of sugary foods" are pretty obvious, they won't be on this list. Here's a look though, at some common dental mistakes you never knew you were making.

Mistake #1: Brushing Too Soon After A Meal

On the surface, this one make sense. If you eat a meal or have a late night snack, you should clean your teeth quickly after. But that's actually not something you should do. When you eat, the acids and sugars in your food make your teeth temporarily weak. If you brush your teeth too soon, you'll likely be brushing away some of this soft enamel. You should wait at least 30 minutes to let your teeth harden again before brushing.

Mistake #2: Starting Your Brushing in the Same Spot

Whether it's on purpose or not, people have a tendency to start brushing their teeth in the same spot every time. The problem with this is that people are a little more aggressive when they start brushing, and a little more easy towards the end of the session. Start in the same place every time, and one certain spot always gets the rough brushing, and one gets the light brushing. Make a point to start in a different spot each time. Rotate through each day of the week if it helps you keep track.

Mistake #3: "Snapping" Your Dental Floss

Most people know that it's pretty important to floss, but how you floss is actually a big factor too. It's common for people to "snap" their floss between two teeth when the fit is a little snug. But pulling on the floss until it pops into the space between your teeth is a great way to damage your gums. The area of your gums in between teeth is especially sensitive, and hitting it harshly with your floss can cause problems. Instead, it's recommended that you gently slide the floss into place with a back and forth motion.

Of course, even if you do make a point to not fall in to these mistakes, you'll still need to give your teeth some attention from a professional. For more information, contact Silverado Family Dental or a similar location.